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SULPHUROUS "Dolorous Death Knell" LP
Dark Copenhagen Death Metal.


DEIQUISITOR "Downfall of the Apostates" LP
These 9 songs were recorded at Ballade Studios in Copenhagen and mastered at Resonance Sound Studios by Dan Lowndes.


Obscure, brutal DEATH METAL in the vein of early Immolation, Nuclear Death and Fallen Angel.

+ distro LPs:
BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS "From hell" LP - Nuclear Winter
BLOODY SIGN "Chaos echoes" LP - Blood Harvest
BLOT & BOD "Ormekongens argelist" LP - Iron Bonehead
BYYRTH "Echoes from the seven caves of blood" LP - Iron Bonehead
CRURIFRAGIUM "Beasts of the temple of Satan" LP - Invictus
DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Hail infernal darkness" LP - Krucyator
DRAWN AND QUARTERED "The one who lurks" LP - Iron Bonehead
FALLEN ANGEL "Demo '92 - '93" LP - Serpent Pulse
GOLGOTHAN REMAINS "Perverse offerings to the void" LP - Sentient Ruin/Nuclear Winter
INIQUITY "Demo '92 - '93" LP - Serpent Pulse
JORDSLÅET "Blod bevæger tidens hjul" LP - Nattetale
KULT MOGIL "K+M+B" one sided 12" - Gravplass Propaganda/Revelation Ov Doom
LUCIFERICON "Brimstone altar" 12" - Blood Harvest
LUCIFERICON "The occult waters" 12" - Blood Harvest
LVTHN "The spider goddess LP - Amor Fati
MALTHUSIAN "Below the hengiform" LP - Invictus
NECROVATION "Ovations to putrefaction" demo 12" - Serpent Pulse
OBSCURE BURIAL "s/t" LP - Invictus
OBSCURE EVIL "Void fumes" 12" - Cavernous
PAZUZU "Infernal Iron Legion" 12" - Iron Bonehead
SHEIDIM "Infamata" 12" - Me Saco Un Ojo
SHEIDIM "Shrines of the void" LP - Me Saco Un Ojo
SUSPIRIAL "Delve into the mysteries of transcendence" LP - Equinox
TAPHOS "Come ethereal somberness" LP - Blood Harvest
TERROR OATH "s/t" onesided 12" - Iron Bonehead
TRIUMVIR FOUL "Urine of abomination" 12" - Vrasubatlat/Invictus
USIPIAN "Dead corner of the eye" LP - Serpent Pulse
VEILED "Black celestial orbs" LP - Iron Bonehead
VHORTHAX "Nether darkness" 12" - Iron Bonehead
VITRIOL "Chrysalis" LP - Iron Bonehead
VOIDSPHERE "To call | To speak" LP - Amor Fati
WORM "Evocation of the black marsh" 12" - Iron Bonehead

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