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Image of DRAWN AND QUARTERED "The One who Lurks" LP


Death metal forerunners Drawn and Quartered return with their 7th album The One Who Lurks. For the past 25 years the Washington based trio have been constantly attached to the old school metal. Unfortunately Drawn and Quartered never earned a big interest from fans who often underestimate un-popular bands, though they may not be equivalent to other death metal gods like Immolation and Incantation. In my case I never looked into their discography although I’ve heard about them so many times. The One Who Lurks is the latest album by this band that maintains a good level of song writing. The thing about Drawn and Quartered is that they find a great amusement in lurking into the underground scene. Founded by lyricist, guitarist and bassist Kelly Kuciemba in 1993, who was joined by the long time vocalist Herb Burke.

The One Who Lurks comes in eight tracks of heavy old school death metal, and the new tracks have this doomy flavor to them with the deep growling vocals that captures unspeakable sinister sensation. Drawn and Quartered are still dominant when it comes to such style of death metal, and they have their own original sound even with slight influences from other bands, but the trio have been lurking in the scene for a long time and they know how to apply the impression on the listener. And that’s by delivering an excellent death metal music with distinctive doom metal that sounds very creepy and brutal.

Not many bands have achieved this kind of musical expertise but Drawn and Quartered seems to relish their own obscurity of creepiness. Opening Nefarious Rites is one sick fucking death metal track, the guitar riffs are brutal supported by bludgeoning drum performance. The high intensity of the double bass creates this thick wall of sound, whereas the growls echo from the deep with torturing riffs which are so heavy and complex.