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INIQUITY "Entering Deception / Promo '93" LP

Image of INIQUITY "Entering Deception / Promo '93" LP


This LP compiles 2 tape releases, the very beginning of one of the most noteworthy Danish Death Metal bands of the early to mid 90ies.
The A side features the 1992 demo "Entering deception" with one of the early line ups. This is raw murky Death Metal with hints of (death)thrash. Along the lines of Massacra or early Bolt Thrower.

The B side features the promo from 1993 with the line up that would go on to record the "Serenadium" full length, adding keyboard for extra gloomy atmosphere.
This is some brutal and technical DM and should appeal to fans of early Gorguts and Nocturnus etc.

Both tapes have been carefully mastered to vinyl by Jeppe Hasseriis.
The LP features artwork by Phoebus A.D. Morel on (
- reworking the initial idea for the promo tape.